The Courtyard

The Courtyard is open in summertime, offering a relaxing place to gather on warm nights.

It's perfect for a dinner, a cocktail night or even a special event such as weddings, gala dinners or product launches.

Surrounded on three sides by the historical buildings of the former von Stackelberg city estate and on the fourth side by the estate’s former stables, The Courtyard certainly has its own unique atmosphere and tranquility.There will be a round shaped fountain in front of the main staircase where the surface is covered with high quality granite stone. The layout of the stones is going around the fountain to build an honour circle that is peculiar to most ancient manors in Estonia.

In the winter The Courtyard is covered with white snow, the surrounding walls are tastefully illuminated, and it lends the whole hotel more than a touch of romance. And in the summer The Courtyard is the place for a coffee break or for enjoying a lunch or a dinner in a historical and elegant outdoor setting. During the summer time The Courtyard also offers exciting events.